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Get to know us

Oriental King International Trading Ltd (“OKI”) is a Hong Kong based international supplier of specialised components and parts utilised for machinery and design within the multiple industry sectors. We have established networks across China with our core customers based in Latin America.

Providing quality products at a competitive price, combined with our unique shipping and ordering networks allows us to separate ourselves from competitors within the market place. 

OKI has experienced a rapid expansion since 2013 with turnover levels increasing year on year. Such a level of expansion has been experienced that it has allowed us to benefit from economies of scale.


Our focus on the development of our plant & machinery / equipment efficiency levels, has also allowed us to fulfil larger orders from our customers and as a result we have become a prominent player in the market place.

Our Values

OKI prides itself on developing business through 4 core values:

- Efficiency of our manufacturing process

- Customer care and support

- Shipping service and length of turnaround time.

- Providing quality products at commercial prices, efficient output and effective processing.

We have established our Core Values in order to have a positive impact and add value to clients involved with us.

Our Team

At OKI we value our employees and acknowledge their importance in allowing us to achieve our strategic aims.


Our Team includes operatives at all levels - dealing with shipping, logistics, procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and customer order operations.

OKI Trading
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